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The Aluminum Industry is Rolling with Help from the West Virginia Economic Development Authority

Skana Aluminum’s re-rolling mill in Clarksburg is allowing the company to access customers all over the East Coast. The company has worked with the WVEDA from the very beginning and he partnership played a big part in keeping the facility open over the years. In fact, with equipment and facility upgrades through WVEDA financing, Skana Aluminum has gone from 35 to 64 employees and more than doubled their production capacity.

How the West Virginia Economic Development Authority Helped this Manufacturer Go from 5 to 100 Jobs

Years ago, the local manufacturing plant across the street from Shannon Remines, VP of Manufacturing for Maxxim Manufacturing, closed down and their workers were let go. The next day many of the workers showed up at Mr. Remines’ door. He didn’t have the work for them at the time, but he had just done a deal with the West Virginia Economic Development Authority, so he had the equipment for them to work on. He was able to hire 44 of them on the spot.

Bullock Distillery: Crafting Spirits and Creating Jobs with Help from the WVEDA

In the heart of West Charleston between beautiful vibrant murals, you’ll find Bullock Distillery. Bullock Distillery’s owners have roots in Appalachia that go back to the 1700s, and while the business itself is far younger than a few centuries old, the storefront has already become an integral part of the neighborhood.